Rector Search
Church of the Good Shepherd is in the midst of a two year interim voyage as we search for our next Rector.

Our Search Committee has recently put out a Parish wide Rector Search Survey. The first part of the search process is to generate a Parish Profile for Good Shepherd. This profile serves as our foundation for the process. It describes who we are, our values, our goals, and our hopes for the future that we are building. This profile, along with statistical information, will be used to publish who we are and announce our open position formally. It is vital that our profile reflect our entire parish family. This survey is one of many ways each person can personally be part of our search process.

 The information gathered from the survey will be used to build our profile and guide the Search Committee and the Vestry as they consider candidates to be the next Rector of CGS. The responses will also help the Vestry, our Priest-in-charge and the next Rector to set priorities for the future of Good Shepherd.

The Search Committee has tabulated the results of the Survey so they had a clear picture of the needs/wants of our parishioners. The writing of our Parish Profile is now finished and the committee is on target to publish our call for a new Rector. They are expecting to evaluate resumes and interview candidates in the fall and present their final slate of candidates to the Vestry in early 2019.

To see the Survey Results Report, click HERE.

Candidates please follow these steps:

Application Deadline October 31, 2018

    1) Click HERE to read CGS' Parish Profile

    2) Click HERE to read our Office of Transition Ministry Questions 

    3) Send your resume to:

    4) Also use this link www.nhepiscopal.ort/ to follow Diocese                  requirements

Chris Sherman and  Judy Mulligan Co-Chairs, Search Committee. 


Search Committee Members:

Richard Binder, Jeff Cooley, Robin Hertel, Amy Kelly, Betty Mayben, Sharmini Peiris, Keith Reeder, Rick Ruo, Marybeth Snow, Byrony Tomic-Beard, Trudy Yelton, and Jessica Zakrajeck, and Sue Corman (2018 vestry liaison).

CGS Transition Voyage...

                                   Moving Forward in Faith

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the position finally be posted?

It has been quite the process for the Search Committee. Questionnaires and surveys were written and distributed, results tabulated, collated and studied. Presentations mad to the parish and vestry leadership. Forms filled out for the Diocesan Transition Ministry. Parish Profile written, edited, and edited some more, now posted on the NH Diocesan web sit.  
And now, Yes the position for Rector at the Church of the Good Shepherd is officially posted!

Why is it taking so long? A company can hire a new CEO in 3 or 4 months.

Though it would seem we are tasked with "hiring" someone, we really aren't hiring someone as much as welcoming someone into our church family. Pastor Odie was here for 31 years- Pastor Fred has said that ideally, it should take a month per every year of the tenure of a pastor in order to process the emotions and concerns regarding their absence. That's about 30 months! We really just want to be sure that whoever we adopt into our family is the right person for us.

We have said that hiring a new rector is a 2-year process but that 2 years began when Odie announced his retirement. After his retirement, co-chairs for the Search Committee were appointed in the summer and met with Pastor Alanna and our consultant Pastor Fred Reynolds in August. They also connected with the Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) at the Diocese to open the lines of communication about the search. The co-chairs were invited to attend the Vestry Retreat in September, and then went through the careful process of recruiting our Search Committee in October. We had our first meeting as a Committee in November. So, as you can see, much groundwork had to be laid before the true work of the Committee could even begin. We spent several weeks writing our Parish Survey, tailoring our queries as closely as we could specifically to our parishioners and our community. The Survey is now closed and we are tabulating the results of it so we can get a clear picture of the needs/wants of our parishioners. The writing of our Parish Profile has begun and its design/layout are in the works as well. We are on target to publish our call for a new Rector in June. We expect to evaluate resumes and interview candidates in the fall and present our final slate of candidates to the Vestry in early 2019.

Why is the survey so important?

The more input we have from each and every member of CGS the better we will be able to narrow our search requirements to meet the needs of the parish. The new rector will have many skills, but we want to tailor the job description to the needs of the congregation and make the best fit we can. The more responses we are able to get from a cross section of the congregation the better our parish profile will look.

Are we on track with putting out a call, and when will we get more information?

The Search Committee is current with the timeline, and is compiling survey results and working on the parish profile now. There will be another outreach forum on May 20, and the Search Committee will be prepared to discuss the survey results and respond to any other questions. Survey results will also be available in the next newsletter.