Rector Search

CGS Calls a New Rector

Almost two years ago, a Rector Search Committee was formed with the charter of finding the next rector for CGS.  Thousands of hours were invested to create a parish profile, recruit candidates, read individual profiles, read and listen to sermons, conduct video interviews, travel to parish visits and culminating with in-person interviews with the vestry.  That process has concluded.

The Vestry and Search Committee are excited to announce that The Very Reverend Michael Greene has been called to be the next Rector of Church of the Good Shepherd.  Father Michael comes to us from Christ Church Cathedral in Eau Claire, WI and is looking forward to moving here with his wife Hope, son Aidan (12), and daughter Miriam (8).   They will be joining us at CGS on July 1st.

Father Mike has been Dean and Rector at Christ Church Cathedral for the past 8 years.  He was born in the Midwest and has lived in various parts of the US in addition to spending time in England.  His vast experience in a wide variety of ministries both locally and globally will bring many opportunities for worship and faith formation to CGS.

We are most grateful for the dedication of the search committee and for the countless hours that they spent organizing and conducting a very thorough search process.  We also want to thank the vestry for their vitally important role in carefully discerning the final candidates and providing valuable input and feedback during the process of calling a new rector.

Stay tuned for news of opportunities to greet and welcome Father Mike and his family to CGS and NH.

Please keep Father Mike, his family, as well as the parishioners at Christ Church Cathedral, in your prayers as they journey through the next few months.  During this time they will be saying goodbye to people that they’ve known for years while looking forward to starting new relationships in their new home at CGS.

Jill Rosier                                                             Brian Taylor

Senior Warden                                                  Junior Warden

CGS Transition Voyage...

                                   Moving Forward in Faith

Church of the Good Shepherd is nearing the end of a two year interim voyage as we search for our next Rector.

Our Search Committee completed all the video interviews of its remaining Rector candidates on February 4th, but some of the members had already traveled to Massachusetts to visit the parish of one of our candidates. Their next task was to continue their travels visiting the parish of each of the remaining candidates. Various RSC members have accompanied Judy and Chris on these visits to Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Maryland. Every RSC member has been able to visit at least one parish and several of them were able to visit more.

Following the completion of the parish visits on March 10th, the Committee met again to discern which candidates will be invited to visit CGS and meet with the Vestry of CGS. As of Tuesday March 12th the Search Committee has been disbanded and has now turned the final job of our Search over to the Vestry.

To see the Survey Results Report, click HERE.

Chris Sherman and  Judy Mulligan Co-Chairs, Search Committee.  

Search Committee Members:

Richard Binder, Jeff Cooley, Robin Hertel, Amy Kelly, Betty Mayben, Sharmini Peiris, Keith Reeder, Rick Ruo, Marybeth Snow, Byrony Tomic-Beard, Trudy Yelton, and Jessica Zakrajeck, and Sue Corman (2018 vestry liaison).

To contact the Search Committee please email them at:

Transition News: Summary of March 10th Q & A Sermon

On Sunday, March 10th a representative of the Rector Search Committee and members of the Vestry Executive Committee participated in a Question and Answer session. Below is a Summary of parishioner questions regarding the Rector search.

What is the status of the Search for our new Rector?

The Search Committee members have completed their interviews and visits to the final rector candidates and have released one name to the Vestry members. The members of the Executive Committee will now be able to learn more about this candidate, read their resume and sample sermons, etc. They will be reaching out to the candidate and planning their visit to the area soon.

What were the parameters that you set while searching for a new Rector, as far as the age/sex/geographic location of the candidates?

 We had no set parameter in regards to these factors, We looked more at the experience of each candidate, their resume and the way that they answered the questions set out by the Office of Transition Ministry. We had very inexperienced candidates, right out of seminary, and we had very experienced candidates. We had equal numbers of men and women who applied, and people from across the globe and country. We almost immediately knew that we would eliminate the candidates with little or no experience, and we had to eliminate international candidates due to budget constraints.

As a gay person and parishioner, I was wondering if you addressed this subject with the Rector candidates?

 Yes, we specifically asked about this subject and made it clear from the beginning that CGS is an inclusive, welcoming community.

What were some of the characteristics you were looking for in the candidates that you interviewed and visited?

 Some of the things that we are looking for in these candidates include: high energy, excitement, a presence at the pulpit, humor, and a positive attitude. We are also looking for a person who can lead a church the size of CGS, who has experience working with a downtown church, and all of the challenges that brings with it. We asked about their ideas for community outreach, knowing that we have a history with FDA, and that we are interested in exploring other opportunities as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How close are we to calling a new rector?

We are approaching the home stretch! Search Committee members are making their visits to the parishes of the remaining candidates and will wrap up in a couple weeks. Soon after that the final candidates will be invited to interview with the Vestry. Your Vestry is responsible for making the final hiring decision.

What's the latest happenings?

The Rector Search Committee has begun doing video interviews in January with the target of completing this phase by early February. The candidate field is now at six. Beginning in early February, Judy and Chris will visit the parish of each candidate remaining after the video interviews are complete.

What does pledging really have to do with the new Rector?

Now that the New Year has been ushered in, we are looking to the home stretch of our Rector Search... It is important for us as a congregation to present a strong and viable parish to the Rector candidates.

Relating the 2019 Pledge Drive to our "Shiny New" Rector is not just a slogan. There are numerous real ramifications over and above calling new leadership. The added rector salary and benefits expected this spring, along with increases in cost of staff salaries, cost of living increase, rising overhead to keep the building maintenance and utilities, computers, office supplies and more need to be accounted for.

We all have felt the impact of increases in personal expenses. My mom used to say "I remember when a loaf of bread cost 5 cents!" I remember when my monthly electric bill was $25, it is now $85, giving me no choice but to increase what I pay to the power company. Well, CGS has felt these increases as well and the only way we can keep up with these bills is if we have increases in our income, which is you pledge.

Have you had an increase in your household income in the last 10 years? Church of the Good Shepherd needs a raise, are you willing to help by sharing a tiny portion of that increase? Please consider a "raise" for CGS and increase your pledge for 2019. It's never too late to amend your pledge.

Will we get to meet the final candidates before our new Rector is selected?

The CGS parish membership will not have the opportunity to meet the candidates before the final call to service is made. One reason for this is that in many cases, their current parish is not aware that they are job hunting. When you think about it, if you were considering a career change, chances are you would not discuss your intentions with your current boss or co-workers, For this reason anonymity must be maintained.

That said, there is always a chance that you may meet one of the candidates without realizing it. Just as we will have search committee members visit the parish of the final candidates, they may also visit us covertly. A candidate needs to decide if we are the right fit for their call as much as we scrutinize them.

When will we start receiving applications?

While we have enjoyed the lazy days of summer the Search Committee has been gearing up for the next phase in the process. The call was posted in late July. Several applications have already been submitted both to CGS and to the NH Diocese. Applications are vetted by our Diocese and then forwarded to the CGS Search Committee. In September the committee began to review applicants as well as strategize further means to gain greater exposure of the call for our new Rector. This includes reaching out to past CGS clergy members Charles LaFond and Amanda Gott for any possible referrals. The deadline for submitting applications, while flexible is October 15.

When will the position finally be posted?

It has been quite the process for the Search Committee. Questionnaires and surveys were written and distributed, results tabulated, collated and studied. Presentations made to the Parish and Vestry leadership. Forms filled out for the Diocesan Transition Ministry. Parish Profile written, edited, and edited some more, now posted on the NH Diocesan web site. And now, yes the position for Rector at the Church of the Good Shepherd is officially posted!