Reach In Volunteering

Good Shepherd Inreach

How we care for our church community

  • Welcome Ministry
  • Crisis Response Ministry
  • Counseling Ministry
  • Funeral Receptions
  • Shut In Ministry including:
  1. Deliver Sunday flowers to shut ins
  2. Lay Companion Visits to Shut Ins
  3. Lay Eucharistic Minister
  4. Weekly Home Devotions & Sunday Bulletin Mailing

        Memorial Garden

        The Memorial Garden is a small peaceful spot behind the church with a beautiful cross on the brick wall and a granite bench for sitting. A welcoming place for rest and prayer, it can be entered from the church office area. The Garden was established in 1990 for the interment of cremated remains. Either a permanent urn, chosen by the family from a funeral home, or a container provided by the crematory must be used for the burial of ashes. Ashes are not permitted to be scattered in the Garden. No interments are made during the winter months. A memorial plaque with the names of each person buried in the garden hangs in the hallway just outside the Sacristy. If the person has already died, the clergy should be contacted through the Parish Office. They will assist the family and help with the decisions regarding the funeral service and burial.