Planned Giving

The financial decisions we make in our lives actually provide a witness to what is of greatest importance to us. Planned giving is one of those vital financial decisions and is a measure of our love for our families and our church. The Church of the Good Shepherd Planned Giving Program encourages you to make these important choices with respect to your estate and will provide the assistance you need to do so.

Scripture teaches us that as stewards of God's creation we are responsible for using what we have been given to benefit his kingdom. As Christians, we believe that ultimately everything in this world belongs to God, so it is only fitting that we return a portion of our blessings for God’s service. Since we are only trustees of the possessions and wealth in our keeping, we must use them for a faithful purpose...for the good of all.

Planned giving goes beyond contributing generously on a monthly or annual basis. Through Church of the Good Shepherd’s Planned Giving Program you can share in a vision for the future by taking advantage of planned giving opportunities that honor God, provide an enduring witness to your faith, and benefit your family.

For more information about specific planned giving vehicles, call (603) 882-5352, email the Clergy to request more information or consult your financial adviser.

Employee Donation Programs

Many corporations assist their employees in making tax-free contributions to favorite non-profit organizations.  As a tax-exempt institution, Church of the Good Shepherd qualifies as an organization to which you can contribute in this way.  Check with your employer to for more information and contact our Parish Administrator for more details.

Stock Donations

 Donating stock to the Church provides you with a double tax benefit. First, you may be able to claim a charitable contribution deduction in the amount of the current market value of the donated stock. That is, you can deduct not only the original cost you paid for the donated shares but also the increase in the value of those shares. Second, you can avoid paying taxes on the appreciated value of the stock. The greater the amount of appreciation, the more capital gains tax the shareholder will face if the stock is sold. But you can avoid this tax by donating the stock to the church, and the church pays no capital gains tax when it sells the donated stock. Generally, publicly traded stock is preferable given the parameters of the IRS.  For more information about how to donate stock, please contact our Parish Administrator.

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