Shepherd's LEGACY

The Shepherd's Legacy Society

CGS has established “The Shepherd’s Legacy Society”. This is simply is a list of those people who have indicated to the church that they have included Church of the Good Shepherd in their will. Learn more here.

As you undertake this process of writing a will, or as you review your intentions in your current will, it is our hope that you consider remembering Church of the Good Shepherd in your will(s).  There are many vehicles to do this and an attorney will be helpful in assisting your decision as to what will be most appropriate for you.  

It does not have to be complicated.  For instance, if you have heirs it is usually better for the distribution of your estate to leave a percentage rather than a specific amount.  It is also possible to leave something to the church without leaving out the family members you wish to include.  For instance if you have three children, your will may state that each of the three children will get 25% of the estate after the parents both die, and the Church will get the remaining 25%.  There may be a significant amount to distribute or there may be very little in the estate at that time. But in this way your children benefit as well as the church community you so love. 

A Shepherd’s Legacy Society Memorial Plaque has also been established.  The plaque permanently memorializes those who have included CGS in their will once their bequests have been distributed to the church.  Both the “Shepherd’s Legacy Society” list and the “Shepherd’s Legacy Society” Memorial Plaque are located on a wall in the Parish Hall foyer.