We offer a variety of opportunities to learn more on your journey. Below we introduce more formal ways to expand your learning of faith in our community.  Education Brochure

Sunday Forum

Sundays, 9:00–9:45 a.m.

These forums explore various issues related to bible study, ethics, current events, and how we apply our beliefs as Christians and Episcopalians to our everyday lives.


Meets in the fall and spring as announced. This is a focused Christian study group that examines scripture and other aspects of our tradition with depth and detail, with particular attention to the question of how these things can speak to us as people of faith today.

Inquirer’s Class

This course is for adults interested in being Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church—or for anyone else with questions about Christianity or the Episcopal Church. It is a clergy-led course and is typically offered in the Spring.

Education for Ministry

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Every baptized person is called to ministry in the Church and the world, and Education for Ministry (EfM) is a program which provides people with a high level of education to carry out that ministry. EfM holds before it an image of the church empowered by an active, theologically articulate laity. This vision sees a partnership between the ordained and the laity as they work side by side to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. Students work with Hebrew scriptures, Christian testament, church history, ethics, liturgies, and theological issues of the twenty-first century. We share our faith journeys and reflect on issues from our lives, ministries, and studies. Students register one year at a time to complete this four-year program. We meet in a small group weekly during the academic year. Contact the Clergy for more information, and also see the website of The University of the South, which developed and directs the program. The next session will start in September.

Seminars and Retreats 

Throughout the year, we offer a number of different seminars, book discussion groups, and retreats. Some of these are one-day events for inspiration and renewal, some are overnight retreats, and some of them are series of classes over the course of several weeks on a particular book or topic. These seminars, book discussion groups, and retreats focus on a wide variety of subjects related to spirituality and spiritual formation. The overriding theme that connects them all is deepening our relationship with God and living out our Christian faith in every aspect of our lives.

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